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Personal Reflections on London and Hong Kong

I'm currently still in London but will be flying over to Hong Kong in a few days time. Plans are going well, and although I'm anxious and a little excited about the year away in East Asia, both Linh and I are still preoccupied with last minute jobs and arrangements.


Our first stop is Hong Kong, where we'll spend most of the year actually. We've both been there before, the last time in 2007, so it won't be completely new to us, and we're looking forward to seeing some familiar places again.

In the last few days, I've reflected on the sort of things I'll miss about London and possibly look forward to in Hong Kong. The flip side are the things I won't miss about London. With the recession now in full swing, I'm glad I'm going abroad, though the timing was never planned this way. My thoughts go out to anyone who is suffering economically.

Since there are things I won't miss about London, there are also those I won't look forward to in Hong Kong! Anyway, I've drawn up a list of top fives. Do any of these sound familiar?

Top Five things I'll miss about London

Friends and family
Work opportunities
Museums and galleries (even if I don't visit them)
Decent pasta
My home

Top Five things I won't miss about London

Damp weather
London Transport
Guns and knives
"Closing down" signs
Cost of living

Top Five things I look forward to in Hong Kong

Mango and tofu
Better skin
Bike rides in the country
Anything new
Anything vintage

Top Five things I won't look forward to

People spitting and nose picking in public
Open drains
Sweaty days
Hole in the ground toilets
The exchange rate

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