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Penguin and Bud’s Ice Cream in Ho Chi Minh

We didn't exactly visit Vietnam for ice cream, but we saw an article about a place called Penguin. It looked a little gimmicky, but had cute designs all over the interiors and presented ice cream dishes made into colourful characters. With the heat the way it was, we needed no further excuse to try it out.


It's still hot in the evening so we ventured out on two wheels to Penguin, which is in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh. Its not a busy place but then I'm guessing at prices ranging around 50,000 VND (approx. £2), this ice cream is a bit more of a luxury for the majority of people here.

The menu showed a number of different ice cream dish sizes and designs, which were all quite obviously aimed at kids. The four of us ordered similar ice creams with Linh opting for a pink double scoop snowman type thing. The chocolate ice cream was surrounded with flakes of chocolate and the strawberry scopp included sliced strawberry pieces. All the scoops were on a bed of ice in their respective coloured bowls.


To be honest, the ice cream itself wasn't all that great, and placing it on ice wasn't a great move either as the two mixed together towards the end creating an undesirable diluted creamy slush. We were basically drawn to Penguin by its colourful, cheeky designs.

In anticipation of this, Thao had previously suggested that we visit two ice cream places, so we left Penguin to go to Buds Ice Cream (of San Francisco).


Buds is supposedly one of the best ice cream places in Saigon and their menus proudly display a quote from Time Magazine: "One of the World's best ice creams." Well, enough said really. Though more basically presented, the ice cream was far better than Penguin's.

Apparently, there are a number of branches but the Bud's Ice Cream we visited has several floors and its lounge-like design suggests a maturer, style-conscious clientele, who had packed out all the other tables on our floor, keeping all the serving staff busy.

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