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Myeong-dong Shopping District

After our initial disappointment with the massive Dongdaemun Market, we found a little solace in the premier shopping district of Myeong-dong. Visiting the area at night, we found that it reminded us of Tokyo's shopping streets with its energy and neon lighting.


There were plenty of places to eat and sights to see and we opted for some bibimbap at the famed Gogung restaurant (described in a later post) before exploring the streets to see what came up.






We did see a few high-rise malls, but these were beginning to close by the time we reached them. Shops otherwise mixed up some internationally known brands such as Levi's, G-Star Raw and Converse, along with street stalls selling food and fashion.


These fries seemed to be quite popular. There were at least three stalls clustered together with masses of them to sell.



I'm not sure what this guy was doing exactly - he was going through the boxes and I initially thought he was flattening them.


This dude biker was appropriately neon-lit, whilst in the background, there were a couple of tow trucks taking away a number of parked cars - illegally parked I guess.


You can see the guy in white breaking into the silver car. I was amazed that he was using quite a bit of force but he very quickly got access.


More photos of Myeong-dong on Flickr.


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05/06/10  at  06:12 AM
I love your posts of travelling in Seoul! I was hoping to go to Seoul next year. Your blog helps a lot ^_^
How much money would you say I'd need to live there for a year? Thanks smile
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
06/06/10  at  12:23 PM
Thanks Stacey!

To be honest, I couldn't say how much you'd need for a year. Since we were only visiting, I've no idea what the rents are like. I guess the cost of living is also a personal thing too.

I can say though that you could eat out very cheaply! There were lots of food courts and we found small, local restaurants that were great value. No doubt you'd find them since you'll be there awhile.

Have a great stay there!
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27/08/10  at  07:43 AM
Thanks so much ! :D

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