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Mustafa - 24 Hour One Stop Shopping in Singapore’s Little India

In Singapore, we had to get a few "supplies" and we were told Mustafa, in Little India, is the place to go to. Intrigued, we found out why.


Mustafa is a massive, six-floored shopping complex that's open 24 hours a day and sells a huge variety of products. Aisles were tight and products stacked sky high, so although Mustafa seemed to be considered the best shopping mart in Singapore, the ideal strategy we were told, was to know what you want and then get in and get out as fast as you can!


Mustafa can be reached by the closest MRT station, Farrer Park, rather than by the Little India station. So why is it so popular with the locals? The prices are meant to be extremely competitive and they are meant to stock a fantastic range of traditional jewellery, electronic gadgets and textiles.



Although we just went in to get some daily use cosmetics, I did get the feeling that tourists should at least make a visit to Mustafa to get a sense of local culture!

Visit the Mustafa website.


We also popped into the nearby vegetarian curry restaurant Komala's where the mango pickle got the better of me.




Afterwards, we heard that Komala's used to be a good place to eat, but had gone downhill in recent years. I don't know any specifics, but keep it in mind when considering your food options in Little India!

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