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MOS Rice Burgers in Shibuya - worth trying?

Our friend Andy brought MOS Rice Burgers to our attention. The MOS Burger fast food restaurant chain originated in Japan and has numerous outlets over East Asia. I've since realised there are a few branches in Hong Kong (though never saw one) but wanted to give it a try in its home - Japan.


As the second largest fast food franchise in Japan after McDonalds, its not entirely different to alot of burger chains, except perhaps for the rice burger. I initially thought that the rice burger bun would be the same as other buns, but just with a slightly different texture. It literally is however, a bun that's just made up of rice.

We checked out the branch of MOS Burger in Shibuya's Dogenzaka street. I ordered the rice burger with strips of beef and when it arrived packaged up in folded grease paper, it was shaped like a burger, albeit a little small, but the strips of beef (surrounded by lettuce) were sandwiched with two "buns" of lightly compressed rice. The rice is mixed with barley and millet and looks like its been cooked a little to hold the rice together.


The beef was quite moist and there was lots of sauce - probably soy sauce, and after beginning to eat the burger, it started to disintegrate. Halfway through, its much less a burger and more like a tiny portion of stir-fried beef with rice...

I have to say that the taste wasn't bad for a burger, but at a cost of around £4 for the meal deal which includes a few fries, it seemed a little expensive for a fast food meal. I was still hungry afterwards.

Back in Hong Kong, for a burger fix, I'd probably go for a Triple-O's.

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