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Metro Emergencies Equipment and Hotel Escape Cables

The odd fire escape or distinguisher in any of London's buildings is the closest I'd previously seen of any preparation of danger. However, Seoul's metro has supplies of gas masks, hoods and emergency flash lights.


If these objects were placed on metro platforms as an acknowledgement of a potential emergency via the North - South Korea conflict, then I'm glad that seeing them was as close as we got to war.


I'm lucky enough not to have come from a country at risk of war, and so these objects really brought it home to us when we first saw them. More detailed metro station evacuation signs were also on view - much more comprehensive than a list of fire escape routes I'm used to seeing in the UK.

Even the hotel room we stayed in, being located several floors up, had an escape cable which seemed to have enough length to reach the ground outside the window.


Together, these things initially made me feel a little uncomfortable but I've since given my thoughts to the people of Korea who have to live with possible danger on a daily basis.

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