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Views of Malacca Town Square

The Town Square on the eastern side of the Malacca River brings together a number of landmarks in the historic city. It was also the hub of both tourist and mechanical traffic with the latter being not just cars, but also Malacca's army of colourful rickshaws. Any visitor to Malacca is bound to cross the Square at some point.


Flanked by a pair of striking red examples of Dutch architecture, the square is home to the Christ Church (above) and the Stadthuys (below).


The Stadthuys is an imposing red town hall and governor's residence, typical of Dutch colonial architecture, and believed to be the oldest Dutch building in the East.


Above - the view to the West, over the bridge and Malacca River.


As if stamp the Dutch mark on the area, just next to the Malacca River is the following windmill.


By night, the Malacca Town Square glows with light and thrives with activity.


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