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Loikroh Muay Thai Stadium by Day

In Chiangmai, we were told about two places to watch Muay Thai fights and the Loikroh Muay Thai Stadium on Loikroh Road was one of them. We didn't see any fights here in the end (preferring to go to the Thaphae Muay Thai Stadium instead) but were able wander in to have a look during the day.


The Loikroh Muay Thai Stadium was smaller than I imagined consisting of a fight ring and enough space around it to line up several rows of chairs. This area was flanked on all sides with bars (closed at the time) so that fight nights were clearly meant to be paired with an evening of drinking.


To approach the ring from the main entrance, you can walk through a row of bars with outside tables (although the place was covered overhead).


This row is actually quite long and you can look down it from the road outside. We passed this stadium on a fight night (they seemed to happen every few days), and a large banner was hung in front of the ring so that you couldn't see it from the street.


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