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Linh does Sanrio Puroland

I think Linh's dream came true with our visit to Sanrio Puroland, the theme park for fans of Hello Kitty etc. Here's her review...


I'm a fan of Hello Kitty, so when I heard that there's a Hello Kitty Land (actually called Sanrio Puroland) in Toyko, I couldn't wait to go. I didn't know what to expect, so when we entered, I was very excited although it did seem very quiet. However, soon there were two little cute "K" and "S" bears which of course I rushed to, to get my picture taken with them!!


On their guide map, Sanrio Puroland looks quite small and compact, but once you go in, there are so many things to look at - every corner is covered with cute characters that are so colourful and well made, that Puroland must be every little girl's dream, let alone me as an adult!

The boat ride is the only ride you get. I felt that it was a bit short, but apart from that, its alot of fun! There are loads of things to look at, we didn't know which direction to turn. When they took pictures of us, we were looking elsewhere! I wanted to go back on the boat ride just so we could get a good second look at all the things again, but sadly we ran out of time!!


All other "attractions" in Sanrio Puroland were mostly shows, which were still very good. All I can advise is to choose the shows you really want to see first. There are different times for each one, although they usually follow one after the other, which is how we saw them.


The shows are all really great, just like proper West End stage shows. The lights, sounds and costumes are so well detailed. The dialogue and songs are all in Japanese, but it doesn't matter, as the storylines are pretty easy to follow. It was only until the last show we saw, called Cinnamon's Secret Door, that we realised there was a TV in the corner displaying English subtitles!


I loved the show under the Wisdom Tree - a show called "Believe". They had young acrobats flying around the celing, quite amazing. All other shows are also definitely worth seeing however!


The other thing I enjoyed was at the "Entertainment Hall", an attraction called "Hello Kitty Black Wonder". It's an interactive attraction where at the beginning, they gave us a lamp and we had to walk around and find different signs (to use with the lamp) to complete a mission in order to rescue Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel.


If you fail to find all the signs, then you would have your souvenir photo taken in jail. We found all the signs, so our photo shows us in jail but with the bars broken! We chose to buy our photo, since it only cost 500 JPY (just over £3).

There were so many things to buy in Sanrio Puroland that I thought the best thing to do was to work out what you want first or you could get carried away with lots of stuff! I could have bought the whole shop! It was so different to any other Sanrio shop we've seen around Asia so far and it's probably the best in Toyko!


We arrived at Sanrio Puroland at 12pm and didn't leave until when they closed at 5pm, which to me didn't seem like enough time. As we were about to leave, Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel were at the door to say good bye and pose for photos!


To see more photos check out the Sanrio Puroland Flickr set

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05/03/11  at  07:45 AM
Hi! I would be taking my daughter to Puroland this summer. Do you recommend going in the morning? Since our time is limited in Tokyo, I was hoping that I could go half-day in Puroland. Like 10 am to 1 pm. Are there shows in the morning also? Do you know what time are the shows and which is the best with all the characters? I hope you could help me. Any reply is appreciated. Thanks!
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05/03/11  at  04:00 PM
Hi Olivia,

To be honest, I can't say if there are shows in the morning, although it's bound to be quieter. Since we went awhile ago, the schedule might have changed.

But when we went, they were advertising and headlining one particular show (Oz) so it seems they have a major show you should aim for.

I know you said your time is limited, but I personally don't think 3 hours is enough. It already takes almost an hour (I think) to get to from say, Shinjuku, but if you were to leave at 1pm, I think you'd feel like you're missing alot.
It's better to try for a whole day, because they also plan the shows well, so that you can move from one show to another and get breaks to see other things and get something to eat etc..

Have a great day there and perhaps let us know how it went!
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28/11/11  at  11:09 PM

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