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Langham Place Shopping Mall in Mong Kok - not for Acrophobics

There are plenty of shopping malls in Hong Kong, from the plazas surrounding most MTR stations to larger establishments like Festival Walk, New Town Plaza and the IFC Mall. I do wonder how they can all be sustained as I constantly marvel at the sheer quantity of shops that are everywhere in Hong Kong.


One such mall is Langham Place, signposted from within Mong Kok station and which I've visited a few times now. It contains a range of shops both big and small like most malls. And has a number of restaurants and a food court, like most malls.

However, its footprint isn't massive - understandable in Mong Kok, which has the highest population density in the world - but it makes up for it by going up.

The way that Langham Place is designed is such that apart from the first few floors, most of the upper floors only seem to take up one half of the building, so that the other half is a complete open air space. This meant that at the highest point that we could go - the thirteenth floor - we could actually peer over the edge of a stair case to look down upon a distant composition of steel pipes that formed this open-spaced interior of Langham Place. Not for those with a fear of heights..

Since there are quite a few floors, if you don't like lifts, Langham Place also has the longest escalators I've ever seen, a pair of which you can see in the bottom part of the photo at the top. The fastest escalators I've so far experienced in Hong Kong seem to be the ones at the upper level of Kowloon Bay's Megabox Mall.

During one of our visits to Langham Place, there was also an exhibition of zodiac animal sculptures dotted around the upper floors. Here's Linh standing in front of hers. She actually donated some money to initiate a cycle of lights to flicker and stop on a random colour to predict her fortune. Instructions were given as shown in the photo below.



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