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Kuching Part 1 - Arriving in Malaysian Borneo and the Kuching River

After our excursion to the lovely beach resort at Pulau Tioman, we took another three night trip from Singapore, this time to Malaysian Borneo. We had to fly over to the island of Borneo and stay over in its largest city, Kuching. The main reason was to experience a stay in a traditional Longhouse but more on that in later posts.


It didn't take long to fly into Kuching and once there, to get a taxi to our hotel, which took less than half an hour. We stayed at the Harbour View Hotel, which as the name hints at, was next to the Sarawak River. Kuching is actually the state capital of Sarawak and sits on the banks of the river.

Arriving late afternoon, we spent our early evening just exploring the river nearby. For a major city, the streets were quiet, but I guess with most of the shops along the street being closed, we shouldn't have been surprised.


I was fascinated by the yellow conical building on the opposite bank of the river which turned out to be one of Kuching's latest landmarks, the Sarawak State Legislative Assembly Hall.


To cross the river, small river ferries were available at several points along the bank, but we didn't end up going over.


From what we read, Kuching sounded like a lovely, laid back place with a leisurely charm befitting its name, meaning "cat" in Malay. Turning up to the city during a grey late afternoon didn't help our first impressions however, and we had our friend's warning in mind - to be careful if we were out on the streets at night.


We were still wandering around the streets after dark, and though nothing happened, we did have an unsettling moment along the river when a suspicious local kept staring at us, following a short distance before finally pushing into me from behind when I wasn't looking.


To ease our first day in Kuching, our hotel room also experienced a baby cockroach invasion at midnight before we finally requested another room for an eventual undisturbed night of rest.

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