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Kuala Lumpur Chinatown Night Market

Near what must be the coolest LRT station name, Maharajalela, is Kuala Lumpur's Chinatown. There were a few temples there, but we only visited in the evening for the night market.


Having spent most of our year so far in Hong Kong, it was hard to make a distinction between the KL Chinatown night market and other markets in Hong Kong. I'm sure there were subtler features we overlooked but this pretty much also sold the same kind of goods amongst the food stalls.


Having mentioned food, that's probably one distinction, as several dishes that seem indigenous to Malaysia were available. As in other Chinatowns, pastries were of course on hand.


The night market seemed to be formed from one long avenue, narrower on one part, cramming two rows of stalls in the middle.


Whilst the rest was a little more spacious.


Stalls specialised in certain products such as watches, accessories and handbags.





At one end of the market, there were a number of eating places, ranging from single stalls specialising in signature dishes, clustered around seating areas, to restaurants offering outside seating. This place below, bathed in red light, was filled with tourists.

A vendor sold durian off the back of his small truck.


Whilst this guy sold smaller fruit off the back of his bike-stall.


We were sold by this chestnut man's price list sign.


In general, the KL Chinatown Night Market seemed like a great destination to finish off a day with a little shopping and eating.


We only spent an hour and a half there exploring and probably would have stayed longer if we didn't feel like we'd seen it all before. It was just too similar to Hong Kong, Taiwan and also Singapore's Chinatown to us, but otherwise worth a look.


A few more photos of the Kuala Lumpur Chinatown Night Market on Flickr.

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