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Kuala Lumpur Bird Park Part 3 - Trapped Monkey

Monkeys in the KL Bird Park? Well, actually, they were outside the aviary and in the realm of the surrounding Lake Gardens. Whilst walking around, we saw some movement at the edge of the bird park, away from the path and after wandering over, found a clan of monkeys hovering around the aviary wall.


They seemed to be wild monkeys, of the Long Tailed Macaque type. And below is the reason why they were there.


Though this youngster looks nonchalant in the photo above (I zoomed in for the shot and also cropped close in) I can assure you that it was more than a little bothered about being separated from what appears to be its family.

Whenever Linh or I tried to get closer, it scarpered higher up along the cage wall so we couldn't reach it. The adults on the outside, clearly understood the barrier and didn't flinch when we drew closer. They even seemed to stared us down, emanating some kind of protective streak over their stranded youngster. More in the video below.


Up in the trees outside, I also spotted this little family, with the cutest little baby macaque almost hidden away in the mother's arms.


Note: No animals were harmed in the making of this post, although we can't guarantee that the infant macaque made the break for freedom.

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