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Kuala Lumpur Bird Park Part 1 - Worlds Largest Free-Flight Walk-In Aviary

Dropping into the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park was exactly like walking into a massive bird cage, as that was what we were doing. Well, actually split between several massive bird cages, which is understandable considering some the birds were carnivores.


We wanted to visit something in the sprawling 92 hectare Lake Gardens in Kuala Lumpur and the KL Bird Park sounded like an appealing oasis of nature. Coming from a distance away outside the gardens, we actually caught a taxi which dropped us nearby the bird park as we wanted to wander within the gardens for a while.


The KL Bird Park cost us RM 42 each (about £7.45) - not cheap for Malaysia and made worse for us turning up having forgotten to withdraw some more cash.

A credit card signature later and we made our way in to visit the 21 acres of terrain split between four different zones, housing 3,000 birds made up of 200 local and foreign species. Got all that? It basically boiled down to a free-flight ecosystem within the cage that we happily walked through.


All kinds of birds could be seen here, some easily recognisable from countless visits to zoos around the world. Think parrots, flamingos, storks, peacocks and eagles. With the latter, they were of course kept in their own enclosure since they'd probably be no other bird standing after a few weeks otherwise.








Hornbills also featured in their own park, least of all having a restaurant named after them, and since visiting Malaysia, these ivory-headed and endangered birds have now become my favourite winged icon.




There were other varieties of birds but in the absence of timely photos and labels, I needed a degree in ornithology to identify them!

Aside from the usual restaurants and souvenir shops, the KL Bird Park also offered a number of attractions to bring visitors closer to the inhabitants. These consisted of an egg incubation room and nursery, a number of bird shows and a variety of feeding activities.

We actually missed the bird show but got a chance to feed the ostriches. More in a later post.


There was also an outstanding opportunity to have our photo taken with different birds at the Photo Booth, either with the assistants using our camera or their own (including a print out). At a smaller cost, we got our portraits taken using my camera and I sneaked in more shots of just Linh, since one of the parrots had taken a shine to her.



Here's a few more shots and a video from the Bird Park.



If you're interested in birds (and what red-blooded male wouldn't be), then I'd suggest making the KL Bird Park a fixture for a Malaysia visit.

More photos from the KL Bird Park on Flickr.

Visit the KL Bird Park website.

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