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Kaya - Coconut Jam in Singapore and Malaysia

I first discovered Kaya in Singapore and well, its the best thing since butter on sliced bread! Kaya is a sweet and creamy food spread and gorgeous (with butter) on toast. It's a coconut jam that is made from a base of coconut, duck or chicken eggs, flavoured by pandan leaves and sweetened sugar.


We had kaya on toast in a café just off Waterloo Road in Singapore. It came like a sandwich and rectangles of butter were placed inside along with the kaya spread.


The dish on the left above is a piece of French toast with a serving of kaya on the side.


We've since had a good few slices both in Singapore and Malaysia and came back to Hong Kong with a couple of jars. However, it does seem to be a product that's available in markets around the world, most likely in East-Asian stores. Butter on toast just doesn't seem to cut it anymore!

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23/01/10  at  06:42 PM
Yep, kaya was also one of my favorite discoveries during my Singapore trip.

Did you go to Toast Box? I know it's just a modern, chain version of a Singapore tradition, but I thought it was pretty brilliant. I wouldn't mind having a few in the U.S., where you can only get peanut butter toast if you make it at home.
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23/01/10  at  06:52 PM
I haven't been to Toast Box yet - there's a few of them in Hong Kong where we're currently living. But its on the list for when we're out and about!

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