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Karaoke Seoul

I wasn't surprised to see that the Koreans love to sing. The East Asian countries we've been to all have karaoke services or products in one form or another. In Seoul, we saw two forms of services on offer.


These karaoke booths were available to sit in at some arcade amusements we passed. Each booth sits one or two persons and outsiders can peek into the little window both to see if the booth was occupied, or to watch singers in action!

One of the guys we saw was really going for it, whilst a loner in another was crooning to the screen. The booths aren't sound-proofed - muffled voices and dulled music leaked out drawing us to them in the first place.

In contrast, we saw this building below in Hongdae - a whole block full of rooms lavishly decorated with soft seating and huge flat screens. They were obviously rentable, with some of the rooms occupied with singles, couples or groups of friends chilling out and crooning in, well, Luxury...


"Unfortunately", I didn't get to photograph the interiors. Friends of mine will not be surprised to hear we didn't visit a karaoke place whilst in Seoul.

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