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Jonker Walk and Malacca’s Chinatown

Staying in historic Malacca, we were inevitably going to find ourselves on the streets of Chinatown since they seem to form the heart of the old port city. In fact, the Chinatown of Malacca is the oldest in Malaysia and straddles either side of the Malacca River creating the "Old Chinatown" and the "New Chinatown".


The streets packed plenty of old shophouses, heritage buildings, temples and antique shops and collectively made Malacca a fantastic place for us to explore on foot. Although we arrived in Malacca on a Monday afternoon, by the time we had checked into our hotel, grabbed a bite to eat and then hit the streets, they were already alive with shoppers and stalls.


Actually, the exception to the day was that it was a Malaysian National holiday so everyone seemed to be in town.


Just around the corner from our Hotel (Puri), we found ourselves on Jonker Walk, a street in Chinatown that contained many (closed) antiques stores, but on this evening was packed with people. There were plenty of open shops selling clothes, souvenirs and all kinds of fun accessories as well as a few stalls selling all kinds of snacks.



We also saw how busy a particular place was - a restaurant selling "chicken rice balls" and vowed to visit another time.



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