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Jeonju Bibimbap at Gogung, Myeong-dong

Aside from kimchi, we had come to Seoul for Bibimbap! As a popular Korean dish, Bibimbap literally means "mixed meal" and combines white rice with sautéed and seasoned vegetables, chili pepper paste, a raw or fried egg and sliced meat (usually beef). The ingredients are stirred together thoroughly just before eating.


We had read that possibly the best restaurant for Bibimbap in Seoul is a place called Gogung, which has several branches. Gogung actually specialises in Jeonju bibimbap, which is fresh and garnished with nuts but also contains raw, minced beef.

Jeonju is the capital of the North Jeolla Province of South Korea (two and a half hours' drive south of Seoul) and is famous for its version of bibimbap, said to be based on a royal court dish.

Linh and I ended up going to the Myeong-dong branch of Gogung, wanting to fill up before we hit the evening streets in this shopping district. We both ordered a bibimbap dish each but I opted for the Jeonju version (in the golden bowl below) whilst Linh had the hot stone pot version.



Both came with a selection of side dishes, notably the beansprout soup, typically served with all bibimbap dishes, as well as kimchi, other vegetables and more that we didn't recognise. With both, we mixed all our ingredients together and during our meal, my dish cooled down fairly quickly whereas Linh's hot stone kept her bibimbap toasty.


The existence of raw minced beef in my Jeonju dish wasn't too noticeable after all the ingredients were mixed together, but for another time, I would prefer the hot stone version, which gives all the ingredients a satisfyingly good bake.

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