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Japanese Taxis - Look Good But Don’t Touch

The title of this post is probably a little over-the-top but its what I initially thought about Japanese taxis. Like that gorgeous woman (or man) that's just a little way out of your league, I think that Japanese taxis look really good, but because they're expensive, you shouldn't touch them. Except for an occasion ride maybe, when you can enjoy the self-opening and closing passenger doors(!).


Maybe its the fact that they're kept immaculate by their owners so that they give off a reflective sheen, perfect for Tokyo's nocturnal neon lighting. Or maybe its because the curves are kept to a minimum (unlike the iconic London cab), keeping a retro-style shape, enforced by the vehicle length strip and angular graphics.

Could it possibly be the little signs and gadgets stuck on the roof and dashboard that I've been trying to decipher (from a distance)? I'll never know but either way, I'd been trying to snap a decent shot of one, and I think I might have got it with the photo above.

Caught smack-bang beautifully in the middle of a junction and back-lit by the headlights of an oncoming car. It even brings together the road surface graphics as other cars blur past. Blown up and coming soon to a wall near you. Or probably just my wall.

Meanwhile, I'll stick with the train and metro that everyone rides to get where I want..

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