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Japanese Foot Callus Scrapers, Tea Bag Briefs & Dried Squid

The great thing about visiting a different culture, particularly one as consumer oriented as Japan, is you get to check out new and sometimes unusual products. We dropped into a supermarket in Akihabara and came across the following three things.


Dried Squid

Dried seafood is not uncommon throughout the world, but I'm guessing they're more widespread in East Asia countries like Hong Kong where all manner of unusual sea creatures are dried for later consumption.


Japan seems no different, offering these convenient jars of dried squid for you to pick and chew on. Not always my first choice to answer my cravings, but I still find them interesting to look at.

Tea Bag Briefs

These T-Back packets made me think I was in an aisle of extra large portions, but these oversized single teabag packets each contained a pair of underwear briefs. I wouldn't say its the most clever of packaging design (especially as packaging standards seem to be high in Japan) but it raises a smile with its "Original-Blend" title, the Y-Fronted teapot (which is actually clear plastic displaying the colour of the briefs) and the "Use fresh boiling body" instruction.


Foot Callus Scrapers

Finally, something I've seen before are these cheese grater-style foot callus scrapers. A mental shift from cheese you eat, to cheesy feet cannot deny the genius in association or the level of disgust it conjures up.

However, with safety assured, the product is guaranteed to allow that hard foot callus grating you never knew you wanted, culminating in a container full of shavings not unlike parmesan.


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