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Jackie Chan’s Noodle and Dim Sum Restaurant in the COEX Mall in Seoul

At the COEX Mall right next to Samseong Station, I could not believe it when I saw a restaurant endorsed by the man himself Jackie Chan! Called Jackie's Kitchen, there was absolutely nothing in the Korean culture that ever alerted me to his popularity amongst them. Aside from the fact that Jackie Chan is popular the world over anyway.


My disbelief turned to bemusement as I cast my eyes over the restaurant exterior. Plastered with photo montages of stills taken from his films, the restaurant looked like the real deal, if a little basically designed. Selling "noodles & dim sum", there is a slogan above a few of the information boards stating "Fresh Clean Smile". What a philosophy - for a restaurant.


There's a massive menu stuck on the side showing all the dim sum dishes in case Jackie's endorsement didn't immediately make you rush in. If you didn't, then Jackie's cheeky smile and outstretched fist coming from amongst the dim sum will surely encourage you to sample his kitchen's output.


I guess it would have been fun to eat-in at Jackie's Kitchen but in the end we decided not to. Not even Jackies "Two Thumbs Up!" could persuade us...


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