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Hello Seoul

Landing in Seoul was our most bemusing arrival yet in an East Asian country. It was completely pouring with heavy rain and yet I guessed we shouldn't have been surprised either way, since we visited during monsoon season.


We landed at Incheon International Airport and from the range of exits facing us, we were advised to use exit 10. Outside, we purchased two tickets at a booth for the Kal Limousine (coach) to take us to the COEX Mall / City Air Terminal in Seoul and shortly after, we boarded the 10b coach.

Having just come from Taipei, the airport-to-city coach tickets were more expensive at 14,000 KRW (£6.80), but at least the climate was slightly cooler, albeit greyer, wetter and mistier.

The coach ride is was as eventful as a view of pouring rain could be but as soon as we were nearing Seoul, we had our first experience of heavy Korean traffic. The strange thing we found in Seoul was that most cars were either black, white or silver. Anyway, the journey, supposedly taking ninety minutes, ended up around two and a half hours long.

With the heavy rain still pouring, the coach arrived at the City Air Terminal and luckily stopped under cover. We made our way on foot to search for our hotel though later found out there was a shuttle bus - which the help desk at the terminal did not tell us when describing where the hotel was.


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