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Hello Kitty Musical Lantern and a Singapore Chinatown Toy Shop

The prospect of a Hello Kitty-free East Asian country never crossed my mind, and thank god as I would have been sorely disappointed. Hello Kitty sprung up in various forms in Singapore and no less "charming" than as a musical lantern with spinning balls inside *her*.


Intrigued? (You must be a girl then!) Nothing shouts more than actions and here's the video clip to prove it. Warning, the musical loop will stay in your mind for days after...

We came across this lantern in a toy shop just outside an indoor wet market in Singapore's (massive) Chinatown. The shop also happened to stock alot of these colourful and traditional cellophane lanterns that hold a candle to light the way.


We bought a couple as in fact, they're banned in Hong Kong since the naked flame is a fire hazard. Hong Kong currently seems to just sell battery-powered lanterns.


I can't remember the exact price of either the Hello Kitty musical lantern or the cellophane ones, but they weren't that expensive to worry about. Only a few pounds I think.

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