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Harajuku’s Condomania for all your rubber needs

Situated at the Omotesando and Meiji-dori junction, not too far from Harajuku station is Condomania.


Its a small store but its packed with every imaginable type of condom size, colour, taste and style! There's lots of condom-related gear too which you can't use for real, but any of it makes for cheeky souvenirs to take back home.


Condomania, a great store for souvenirs, a consumer dip into the cheeky side of Tokyo and a cool place to stop by to browse.


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31/12/10  at  07:14 AM
this looks like a store I could spend hours in buying gag gifts for everyone twice over. I want a store like this in Washington but I don't think it would be very successful.

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