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Hanoi Celebrates A Thousand Years with Impressive Mosaic Wall

In Hanoi, we kept driving past a pretty impressive mosaic under construction, which I took a few photos of. It turns out next year in October, 2010, it will be the 1000th Anniversary of Thang Long (which is Hanoi's old name meaning "soaring dragons"). In the year 1010, Hanoi became the capital of Vietnam.


Last year, a thirty metre section of the mosaic wall, which runs along the Red River, was already completed and whilst we were in Hanoi, the most important section of the wall (at the Chuong Duong intersection) which depicts a pair of dragons with the strapline "1010 - 2010", was still being created.


Opposite the Hoan Kiem Lake nearby, there is also a countdown display installed, showing 575 days to go.


Upon completion in October 2010, the mosaic wall will stretch a massive six thousand metres along the Red River and will be the longest mosaic wall in the world. Guess I'll have to come back again for another visit!

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