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H1 Urban Complex for Creatives

For the designer in me, we had shortlisted the H1 Urban Complex as a place to check out in Bangkok. From photos we'd seen, its a modern looking, elegant place with a few designery shops to visit. It's located in Soi Thonglor, apparently the centre of trendy lifestyles in Bangkok.


When we got there, the H1 Complex was a nice enough little corner away from the street, but to be honest, there wasn't much to do. There was a fashion college there, and what I think was a coffee shop beside an inside courtyard.


However, the H1 Complex was the first place we went to during the day and we hadn't yet worn ourselves out enough to sit and chill.


I was interested in seeing what a furniture shop there had, but that was closed, despite it being just before midday. There was an excellent branch of the design book store Basheers Books (we'd already visited the original Basheers in Singapore and there's also a Basheers in Hong Kong), but heavy books weren't on our list to buy in Thailand.


In all, the H1 Urban Complex is probably only worth visiting if you're a creative wanting to check out some design books or want to get a bit of a flavour of design in Bangkok.

To reach it, the nearest BTS Skytrain station is Thong Lo and then its down Sumkumvit 55 around the corner, a long road that's perpendicular to the Skytrain track. It's far enough to warrant getting a bus, and it seems there's just one bus service, a small red bus that we found waiting a short distance from the start of Sumkumvit 55.

Having jumped on and paid the 5.5 THB fare to the conductor, we didn't know where to get off, but ended up all the way down the other end where the bus turns around under a flyover and you have no choice but to get off anyway. The H1 Complex is a short way back up from there.


In case you'd like to hear the red bus's engine...

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