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Giant Ice Cream Cones in Taipei

Taiwan's north coastal town of Danshui is supposed to be famous for super-large ice-cream cones but we saw plenty of vendors in Taipei, so of course, Linh had to try one.


The dessert came in a variety of flavours allowing two to be served together. Linh wanted a mango one which was sold out, so settled for this chocolate-vanilla mix in Ximending.

Note, this is the smaller one standing about 20cm - you can roughly see the comparison size of the larger serving on the board behind her, but if its anything like the Danshui ones, it should be a 50cm high swirl...

Having sampled a little, I have to admit that these ice-creams weren't for me - a little too icey and not enough cream as far as I'm concerned. Perfect for the mango if there was any I think, as it would turn the dessert into more of a refreshing sorbet.

We bought this ice-cream at night but it was still around thirty degrees hot, and the ice was melting and leaking like a candle on high heat. To keep up, you'd have to slurp like a porn star but eventually, we just ditched the half-eaten snack since it had lost its novelty by then.

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