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Forest in the City Walk at the Menara KL Tower

After our visit to the top of the Menara KL Tower, we took advantage of the included "Forest In The City" Nature Walk (at 2.30pm), which turned out to be free anyway. It was basically a guided tour of the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, a 9 hectare patch of lowland dipterocarp (a family of tropical rain forest trees) forest smack bang in the middle of urban Kuala Lumpur.


There were some short nature trails that we could explore on our own and from the top of the Menara Tower, we could see that the forest wasn't that expansive. However, we thought we would get the most of it by going via the tour, which would also maximise the 45 minutes we would spend with it.


We met our guide and the other twenty or so tour-goers at the base of the Menara Tower entrance, next to the tour poster. It actually gives you a handy bit of information about the tour itself.


Beginning the tour, the group proceed down the road towards the entrance to the forest at the bottom turning, as our guide occasionally stopped to explain more about the forest reserve and a bit about specific trees along the way.


With his satchel full of well-worn goodies, our guide (below) was pretty informative and explained his facts and history with a series of props and picture books. He showed us a rubber tree, snapping a thin branch to expose the leaking white rubber fluid, and brought out a bar to explain the different kinds of rubbers produced from it.


Walking through the trail, we took a series of paths that climbed and dropped at acute angles, occasionally stopping again for the guide to explain more about what we saw and heard - insects singing for example.



Our guide also described what they call the "Beckham Monkey", the Silver Langue, so nickname because of the mohawk that it sports. There was a chance that we might see one since they live wild in the Bukit Nanas Forest. And actually, we did see three! Albeit not very clearly.

As we stopped, a sharp-eyed tourist spotted the trio climbing over us high up in the trees. I attempted to get the perfect shot, but the Beckhams were too high up and there were too many leaves in the way.



Peaking out in between the trees, it was easy to spot the surrounding skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur. There's no escaping the fact that we're still in the city.


We initially thought that after the tour, if we still wanted to, we could still go back into the forest and wander on our own, but we didn't. Though the tour lasted 45 minutes, it went relatively quickly, but we still had the rest of Kuala Lumpur to see!


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