Adventures in East Asia

Filming in Malacca

During one of our late afternoon strolls around historical Malacca, just west of the river, we came across some filming taking place. Anyone who has worked in film or tv knows that it can be quite boring waiting around in between scenes. But the glamour and excitement is also palpable, and so we approached the scene with interest.


The camera was actually shooting down a cordoned off part of a large street, next to some picturesque building facades.


Meanwhile, cars and bikes were still driving down and every so often, motorcyclists would stop by to have a look. The most that the two security guards did was to get bikers to turn off their engines.




I actually thought that the security would be alot stricter on people hanging around and looking, but they weren't. Guess that's what I'd expect in the UK. I sneaked a few covert shots of the director, actors and the scene before realising that they didn't care anyway.


Linh and I hung around for about half an hour before continuing our stroll back to the hotel.

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