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Filming in Kuala Lumpur

Having seen filming taking in place in Malacca the week before, we had no sooner left the KL Menara Tower and walked down the street before we came across yet another film scene. Catching a filming scene in a public place often seems to be a rarity in the UK, and so at this rate, it seems that alot of films and dramas are shot in Malaysia by comparison!


The film scene was also shot right next to a busy KL road, this time using a parallel side street, though none of it was cordoned off.


In fact, I couldn't work out who was working and who was just passing by, stopping to look. There wasn't any visible security and there were a few other guys taking photos of the scene.

I hadn't photographed any outdoor scenes with artificial lighting before so the result was a little different for me.


I took a few shots with a little apprehension, especially when someone who looked like they were working, asked me how they came out. But having no chance to answer, the director had called for a shot preparation and the workers began to pull the public away from the camera's viewpoint.


I moved closer to the two stars of the scene to get a better shot. Having only got one of their faces, I assume she's not that famous? Unless of course, the Malaysian public are unfazed by superstardom and are content to gawk.


Linh and I waited until they shot a take - featuring the two actors gesturing frantically before teetering down the street away from the camera - and then we left.


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