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Filling up Petrol in Cambodia

To me, even the most mundane thing can be beautiful. Seeing the rows of differently coloured petrol sparked this thought, even though it was just a detail of our visit to Cambodia - a moment when our tuk-tuk driver pulled over to fill up.


These petrol stalls are scattered about the roads and seem to point to small scale entrepreneurism along with other stalls selling other goods.


For a town like Siem Reap, of course the fuel is needed, but the widespread availability of the liquid on stalls as opposed to via more permanent, bricks and mortar petrol stations that we're used to in the West, makes me wonder whether the small scale distribution model is more cost effective?


Perhaps petrol stations are more viable in the centre of town simply because there's more custom. But they do exist - this one below was around the corner from our guest house.


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