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Famosa Chicken Rice Balls

Chicken Rice Balls are apparently a delicacy in Malacca and we couldn't miss it for all the Chicken-Rice-Ball-emblazoned restaurants around the historic quarter. Famosa Chicken Rice Ball was one of the restaurants, which incidently had several branches in the area.


On paper, the chicken rice ball didn't sound very impressive to me. Round balls of rice flavoured with a little chicken or something. We popped into Famosa around mid evening and although it was packed, the place seemed to be preparing to close shortly after we were seated, as diners began finishing their meals and leaving. It was only approaching 9pm!


We ordered our plate of rice balls along with some chicken and vegetables. They were already out of stock of roast pork and so we just made do with a light meal of our trio of dishes.


When we tried them, I have to admit that the chicken rice balls were really nice and delicious! They were soft and quite moist actually, whereas I thought they would be pretty dry, and the flavouring was balanced just enough that we could easily have just eaten the balls on their own.

Anyway, we polished off the meal quickly after that and the only thing left to do was to take photos on their little constructed stage at the back of the restaurant...


More on the Famosa Chicken Rice Ball website.

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