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Excellent Super Cheap Dim Sum Takeaway in Tai Po, New Territories

It's with some reluctance that we left Tokyo and flew back to Hong Kong in the last week of May, although truthfully, two weeks in one place for sightseeing was a little more than necessary. Coming back the first two weeks was a little confusing - I write about this on my personal blog at


However, at least there is cheap dim sum! Back in Tai Po, our nearest little town for all our daily shopping needs, a new, more modern-looking takeaway opened a few months ago. It's on a corner just off from the main Tai Po square.


Called Tong Kee Bao Dim, the dim sum section has a limited but clearly set out menu for dim sum portions and rice meals. Dim sum is HK$10 (80p) per portion and rice meals are HK$15 (£1.30). Having tried these, I can declare that they're super tasty and very cheap!

The place is clearly doing something right, since queues are common, but the service is quick, with the limited food on offer being already prepared and waiting behind the counter staff. They're probably shifting alot of food.

Here's a typical selection that we get, which is tastier than it looks!


In the left box, are three portions of dim sum. Chicken feet, beef balls and on top, assorted meat wrapped in soya sheets. On the right is a rice meal with a minced beef patty, not unlike a beef burger and a fried egg. At the back is a similar rice meal but with pork.

Having said how cheap and tasty the food at this place is, I will admit that the fried egg is a bit of a turn off since these are already fried and kept in a plastic container waiting to be bundled in a takeaway box. They taste like they've been around a bit too long.

But for takeaway food you can pick up for a meal at home, this kind of place is hard to beat.

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