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Eating Insects in Thailand

Yeah, that's right, we sampled some insects. Some crickets and bamboo worms to be precise. There was a stall selling some fried insects along the road our hotel was on in Bangkok, so we had passed several times before stomaching the idea of trying some.


I started with the gentle exercise of taking a few photos and whilst Linh was waiting, the stall owner started talking to her, suggesting a few "tit bits" for her to try!


Here she is eating one of the bamboo worms which are tame compared to the crickets and baby frogs.



I'm still trying to figure out what these huge, beetle cockroach bugs are exactly, but they were a definite no-no. The stall owner actually told us these were no good and were more for show, thank god!


We ended up taking a bag of crickets and bamboo worms away and decided to film ourselves trying it. Please check it out below and you'll see that Linh is alot more positive about the experience than I am!

The plate of leftovers we left for the maid.


Since trying out these Bangkok delicacies, we also saw more on a stall in Chiangmai's Chinatown...



And also another stall at the Ratchdamnoen Walking Night Market, also in Chiangmai. This one had some helpful labels which took a little mystique out of some of the more grotesque pickings!



So, the question is, would you try some?

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