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Durians, Durians and more Durians - The Smelly King of Fruits

Wow - the Singaporeans really love their durian. Durian is everywhere in the little country and its the first time I even found out that there were different grades of the stinky stuff (D24 being the highest quality grade?)


To be frank, I'm not keen on the stuff although Linh is, and I'm ashamed to say that the smell has put me off even trying it. But at least I'm not alone in Singapore. The country seemed to have a love-hate relationship with the so-called king-of-fruits, as even the buses and trains have 'no-durians' signs to stop passengers taking them on board with their distinctive and overpowering aroma.


In the train notice above, it's funny how there's no fine imposed if you break the ban though.

If you've no idea what durian is like, you can read Wikipedia's entry on durians or watch the National Geographic video below, which I posted recently on my other website OneInchPunch.

As well as the fruit, Linh managed to unearth some durian dessert from a dessert cafe in Chinatown...



And some durian pancake...




After all that, this is as close as I would go to a stack of durian we passed in Singapore Chinatown. And this shot was taken with a zoom lens.


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