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Dragons Sculpted from Flowers next to Ly Thai To

Driving along past one of the lakes in Hanoi, we came across a square set back from the road which hosts a statue of Emperor Ly Thai To.


We later dropped by for a closer look since there were a couple of colourful dragons flanking the monument. They were installed sometime around the new year and we're not sure how long they'll be there for, but they were pretty impressive close up! They were both made up of thousands of flowers and leaves - see below.


Cool? Yes, but they would have been even more so if the parts were real, but as it were, the bright, uniform colours were achieved with plastic flowers. I suppose dragons made of real flowers would not last very long, although the more natural variations of flower colours, particularly over time, may have had a nice, rustic effect.


More photos of the Ly Thai To statue and Dragons in Hanoi on Flickr

Update : Get a closer look with the video below...

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