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Delicious Burnt Fish in a Bangkok Street Restaurant

In between Bangkok's Central World and Platinum shopping malls, there was an outside (roadside) eating area that we had to walk through to go from one mall to the other (they're a good 10 minute walk apart).


Well, walking through meant seeing and smelling all the grilled dishes, which basically decided our dinner venue for that night.


The whole area was quite long and made up of several stalls and what appeared to be their own surrounding seating places. We stopped at one and ordered one of these long fishes which everyone seemed to be eating, along with some rice and a papaya salad.


I'm not really a big fan of fish but just seeing and smelling these grilled specimens really got me interested. It came to the table as a complete body caked in some kind of salt coating. The waiter split the fish skin open for us and you can see above how the thick skin just peels off to reveal all the meat inside.


This fish tasted so delicious that this below, was all that was left. Not many bones inside. However, you can also see a wooden skewer, which was stuck through the fish along with a bunch of herbs (lemongrass I think) in its mouth.


From what we could gather from the menu, the fish was just called "burnt fish" and I think cost us 120 THB (£2.30). It was supremely fresh-tasting and after observing some of the stalls cooking, I found out why - they were throwing the fish onto the grills whilst they were still alive! I couldn't believe it when I saw a few fish still flapping its fins and gills shortly after being slapped on a grill.

You can see the container of fish below. These ones already have some herbs and a wooden skewer stuff down their throats, so probably didn't live for very long after. They would have been coated with salt before joining their friends on top of the grill beside them. Space had already been made for them there!


On a different day, we went back to this street restaurant for more fish and Linh also ordered a plate of these giant prawns.



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