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Delicious Beef Noodles in Taipei

For something as commonly eaten throughout the world, but mostly in parts of Asia, there was no surprise in seeing beef noodles in Taipei. Different cultures have different variations of course, but I (since Linh doesn't eat beef) tasted some pretty good beef in Taiwan.


Beef noodles was a dish found in alot of restaurants and the one in the photos was opposite our hotel (King Shi) in Ximen. A specialist, this restaurant had a pair of cow horns as its logo.


The beef was served up in large doses, thick and very tender, in a clear broth with noodles. I've no clue about different cuts of the stuff, but you can see in the photo below that the pieces were interlaced with some soft tendon-like layers (marbled) which tasted a bit fatty, but was deliciously smooth when chewed with the texture of the beef itself.


If I'm not returning to Taipei for the hot springs, then it will be for the beef noodles. There was even a Taipei Beef Noodle Festival in 2005, although nothing seems to have happened in the years since then.

A couple more photos on Flickr

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