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Danshui Part 3 - The Bali Waterfront

Where Danshui was lively and bustling, Bali was a little quieter when we visited, although there were plenty of visitors. Apart from visiting the Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology a bus ride away from the ferry port, we explored the waterfront stretching in between two ferry piers at Bali.





Initially, there was a row of night market style shops flanking the ferry ticket offices at one pier and we decided to venture into one restaurant for lunch. It was a challenge to order since the place didn't have any English menus and Linh and the waiter didn't make too much sense in communicating. However, after gesturing and head nodding a few times, we ended up with a few small bowls as seen in the photo below.


The back two bowls contained standard portions of rice noodles and a soup with fish balls, but the one in front was something I'd never seen before. It was a molded cylinder of rice and some other small ingredients, sitting in sweet, brown sauce and topped with pork shreds.

Though not much, we were surprisingly satisfied after consuming these between the two of us. I think it was the heat.

Walking on from the shops, the rest of the waterfront featured recreational spots and seating areas as well as a short look out tower, all linked by a freshly built, wooden boardwalk stretching along the river edge. Get a sense of the atmosphere in the video below.

We ended up chilling out in the ambiance at one of the seating areas for an hour before we headed for the ferry pier to cross over to Fisherman's Wharf, in time to catch the sunset.




More photos of Bali on Flickr.

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