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Danshui Part 2 - Museum of The Strange

On the Danshui MRT end of Gongming Lane, quite soon after arriving, we saw the entrance to a small, museum that seemed to contain some weird and wonderful specimens of life.


With an inexpensive entrance fee of NT$59 (£1.08) and sensing an opportunity for photos, we decided to have a quick look inside.


After handing over our money, we passed a parrot that was guarding the doorway and walked over a tank installed in the floor that contained a snake. There were life-sized specimens of a giant species of turtle just inside.

The museum was about the same size as the shop either side of it, with the interior consisting of two aisles and two of the walls being lined with tanks housing live specimens. Check out this short video below to get an idea of the space.

The *strange* inhabitants included classics like tarantulas, scorpions and a few varieties of lizards.


There were also eels, some fish and I think an Alligator Snapping Turtle, standing eerily still with its mouth open.


There were some preserved specimens such as this piglet below and a large fish that seemed to have two mouths.



For our photographic entertainment, there were also three displays to pose in front of and within.




The remainder of the space housed cabinets that displayed a range of unusual creatures in the form of models, dried specimens and photos.


A giant set of jaws and a tiny shrunken head both seem to sum up the slightly stereotypical nature of content in a museum like this.



While not revolutionary, this museum did prove to be an amusing distraction before we got on with the real business of exploring Danshui.

More photos of this Strange Museum in Danshui on Flickr

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