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Cosplayer Sightings at Harujuku’s Jingu Bridge

During our time in Tokyo, I wanted to snap some cosplayers and read that the Jingu Bridge, just up the road from Harujuku station was the place to be on a warm and sunny Sunday afternoon.


We were actually going to the Design Festa on our last available Sunday, so had to make do with visiting Jingu Bridge on a Saturday late afternoon instead.

Well, I guess Sunday would have been the better choice if we had one, since we only saw groups of teenagers that were only moderately fashioned - by Japan's standards anyway. This group had a little styling, but enough for me to classify, at least, in the direction of cosplay.


Sitting down at the side of the bridge were more youngsters, some with their belongings strewn about themselves. Curiously, there was an old guy sitting amongst them. You can see him below at the back - he had seen me taking a photograph and was trying to wave me away, the spoil sport.


Watch a short video we took of the people around Jingu Bridge:

A few more photos from the Harujuku Jingu Bridge on Flickr

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