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Core Pacific City Living Mall

The only reason we dropped by the Core Pacific City Living Mall was because of its close proximity to the Puppetry Art Center.


However, its facilities are apparently popular with the locals who flock to the place despite it being a lengthy walk from its closest MRT station. We took a taxi there.


The mall itself has a circular layout with a massive globe in the middle housing part of its facilities. There are bars and restaurants throughout, as well as a cinema, amusements centre and shops of all sizes, which require you to explore the numerous levels in order to find them.


When we first entered the Living Mall, we thought we got an overview of all the facilities on offer just from looking up and down at the different floors. However, much was hidden and the basement food court eluded us until we actually took the escalators down to search.


We must have loved it so much that we had dinner there, before touring the Living Mall's retail opportunities, only to return for dessert.



Since there was no MRT nearby, we left the Living Mall in the early evening with plans to visit the Raohe Street Night Market nearby whereupon we then made our way to Houshanpi MRT station. But more on Raohe Street in the next post.


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