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Coca Cola Hotpot TV Advert in Hong Kong

When we're at home in Hong Kong, I tend to be on the laptop whilst Linh is watching all the Canto-soaps on tv. I'm listening rather than watching TV mostly. Which means I'm susceptible to picking up Cantonese slogans to further my "learning" of the language.


In fond memory of my favourite Hong Kong tv advert with a fantastic end slogan so far, here it is with some details, screenshots and YouTube clip. It isn't that bad or cheesy however, but then the bar here might only challenge a limbo dancer. I've yet to see any advert that's blown me away.


The "Coke X Hotpot" TV Commercial in Hong Kong

The "Coke X Hotpot" TVC, as part of its ongoing Coke with Food theme, features Canton pop stars Charlene Choi and William Chan to highlight the great chemistry of having hotpot with cool Coca-Cola.



The 30-second TVC spot, rolled out in the middle of February 2009, shows Charlene and William eating hotpot dishes with friends in a restaurant. When their taste buds feel burning hot, they rush out for the cool sensation of ice-cold Coca-Cola.

"We leveraged on Hong Kong's winter eating culture of hotpot to communicate that Coca-Cola makes hotpot more enjoyable, both functionally and emotionally, and that the 'hot' sensory pleasure of hotpot goes even better with ice cold Coca-Cola," said spokesperson of Coca-Cola.

To coincide with the TVC launch, Coca-Cola invited more than 100 people to join a gimmicky hotpot gathering in a shopping mall, organised by PR agency Starbright Communications.

And here's the advert!


Coke x Hotpot campaign

Coca-Cola | Hot Pot | Hong Kong

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