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Chinese New Year Celebrations in the village

We'll be arriving in Hong Kong on the 4th February. The timing is such that this year, we will have missed the actual Chinese New Years day, but not the celebrations, which continue for a couple of weeks after.


We were in Hong Kong for Chinese New Year in 2007, but its still nice to see the celebrations which start on the night we first get to the village and our family home there. Its a nice "welcome", where we'll probably get a chance to catch up with relatives from other parts of the world, who will have returned to the New Territories just for this occasion.

For some reason, our village, which is called Ting Kok Village, hosts an annual multi-night series of shows consisting of traditional Beijing Opera (or could that be Cantonese Opera?) performances some nights and modern singers and musicians other nights. There also seem to be karaoke performances from residents up on the stage which they seem to revel in.

Apparently, they do advertise around Hong Kong so attendees seem to travel to, what I thought was, our humble village just for the shows.

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