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Chic Boutiques at Aoyama - Prada, A Bathing Ape

When we read about Aoyama, we wanted to visit to take a look around the high-end stores that are meant to reside there. We arrived via Omotesando metro station and headed down the street, directly away from the direction of Harajuku.


Distinctly more refined, the area was quieter and the streets narrower than we expected. Luxury brand stores were peppered along each side nestling in between nondescript buildings. Some shops facades were subtle but others like the Prada building were making much more of a glass-covered, geometric-bubble statement.


It didn't take us very long to cover what seemed like an avenue of shops before turning back the way we'd come to head on towards Harajuku. Peering down some sidestreets however gave way to instinct, and we diverted ourselves. Sure enough, these quiet side roads hid the parallel streets which housed more stores. We didn't even notice the quite obvious A Bathing Ape shop since this much smaller shirt-wearing-statue caught my eye first.


We thought the shop was closed, empty as it was except for one shop assistant.


Since we weren't out to buy from any of the stores in Aoyama, we continued on to Harajuku.

A few more photos of Aoyama are in the Aoyama Flickr set.

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