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Chiangmai Hill Tribes Shop

One of the tourist attractions of Chiangmai is to visit a hill tribe outside of the town, either on a day tour or a home stay. There, you can apparently see the long-necked women, the ones who have metal rings around their necks. We didn't go, but we did come across this shop on (I think) Tha Phae Road.


I didn't know what it was called, thanks to all the greenery outside, but we did know that it was a shop selling handicrafts by people from hill tribe villages. From what we understand, these handicrafts are sold in places throughout Chiangmai anyway, but with its rabbit warren-like layout and walls and ceilings stuffed with thousands of items, I found this place intriguing.

Check out these photos below.


I had no idea what most of the items were but anyone who likes native crafts would probably have a field day examining and making guesses. Although I could probably say that these things hanging off the branches below are cow bells.



Lots of bracelets packed into minimal space in one corner, whilst ethnic heads line the walls of another.


Out of the shop back window, we spied the tower of a nearby temple.


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