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Cheonggyecheon Stream Laser Light Show and Projections

After an early evening exploring Insadong, Linh and I headed south to reach the complicatedly-named Cheonggyecheon. It's a six kilometre stream that resulted from a massive urban renewal project and though it attracted much criticism, it opened in 2005 and has become a popular and public modern recreation space with both Seoul residents and tourists.


It wasn't hard to see why. Though I had previously thought that this was "just a stream", there was something appealing about the set-up and how we walked down off the streets of Seoul and were able to use stepping stones to cross the stream.


The length was intimately lit which initially masked all the people sitting along the edge of this stream, chatting and relaxing.


We had walked down to the stream at a point displaying a projected art installation and it was fun to enjoy watching this as we soaked in the Cheonggyecheon atmosphere.

Watch the video below for more:

We headed along the stream towards Cheonggye Plaza and came across a sheltered space where a photo exhibition was hung, before stopping to watch a laser light show.


Since the show happened over the stream, water mists were created as a canvas for the laser by blasts of water.

You can see quite a bit of it in this video below.

Like most of the visitors there, Linh and I sat at the edge of the stream for awhile before going up onto Cheonggye Plaza.


There was a massive sculpture reminding me of a helter-skelter ride and this was a piece called Spring, which was jointly created by the American pop artist Claes Thure Oldenburg and his wife. It basically resembled an Indian Ocean conch shell and apparently cost 3.4 million dollars to make.


Before we left the area, we found a free interactive installation which allowed us to take a photo, draw on it digitally if desired and then email the result to our family, friends or any destination.



More photos of the Cheonggyecheon Stream on Flickr.



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