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Chatuchak Market Part 5 - Amazing Twirling Tea Man

One of the "attractions" of Chatuchak Market seemed to be this twirling tea man. Make no mistake, there's no irony there. His stall was selling iced milk tea, and to prepare it, he mixed the boiling hot water, tea and condensed milk (and maybe a few more) ingredients by pouring the potentially scalding liquid above and around himself, all whilst spinning around on his heels - quickly and smoothly.


Want to see him in action? This video below shows how experienced and cool he is.

According to these framed photos and cuttings, he seemed to be a one-hit celebrity in Thailand.


After a couple of minutes of twirling preparation, the guy swirled the tea into a large mug for his assistant to served out in plastic cups with ice. I normally don't drink iced tea, but this one was damn smooth.


Elsewhere in the market, we saw this young chap doing the same twirling. However, he was less fluent with his mixture. You can just about see on the ground how much spilt tea there is on the cardboard.


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