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Chatuchak Market Part 4 - Baby Pigs, Squirrels, Rabbits and Other Pets

Chatuchak had a zone for pets and pet supplies. We read beforehand that this had been a place to sell endangered species and animals that weren't meant to be sold as pets although crack downs had pushed the activity to under the counter transactions.


As a result, we didn't see anything out of the ordinary, aside from some tame squirrels and baby pigs. But that's probably not surprising since we were tourists in a locally-aimed market. The stall keepers must be especially nonchalant about visitors walking around gawking at their pets, clearly not intending to buy.


Since Linh and I are East Asian, I thought we might be overlooked and even considered to be local. With our tans, I had once been described as Thai-looking, as well as Chinese. Anyhow, there were plenty of birds there.


But there seemed to be by far, more rabbits than any other animal. I guess they must be both popular with Thai customers and easy to keep many of them on a stall for sale.





Here are the baby pigs I mentioned earlier. The striped markings look distinct and they seem to be baby African Bush Pigs.


We also saw a woman with an intriguing little stall plastered with "no photo" signs...


She had a stack of cages containing squirrels and chipmunk and they all seemed to be very tame. The potential customer above was holding and stroking a completely still (and alive) chipmunk whilst a squirrel just lay still on top of all the cages, dressed in some ropey outfit. A blurred close-up below.


We saw that the signs stated 600 THB (£11.60) for the squirrel and 350 THB (£6.75) for the chipmunks. Elsewhere, we also asked how much a Siberian Husky pup was : 9000 THB (£175). Speaking of dogs, we saw more puppies on sale out in one of the busier, more publicly-trafficked lanes. The stall holders just seemed to pop out and set up their cages, with all the cute puppies getting lots of attention from passerbys.





There was a cage of kittens and a tank of snakes too..


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