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Chatuchak Market Part 3 - Food

Every market we've been to in East Asia has had food of some kind on sale and Chatuchak Market was no exception. Here's some of the things we saw and ate, beginning with the ubiquitous seafood.


We saw some mini doughnut brownie buns so gave those a go.



There were a few (older) women either walking around with two baskets on a stick across their shoulders or with the baskets sat on the ground whilst they prepared a dish. They appeared to be mobile kitchens mainly selling to stall holders, with the obvious benefit being that these customers don't need to leave their stalls.


From what we could see, salads were on the menu, sometimes with seafood.



Linh bought some coconut ice-cream that was served in a little coconut half-shell, complete with a little flag on top. Was very coconuty apparently.



When we stopped for lunch, it was at a busy diner right next to the clock tower in the middle of the market.


It gave us an opportunity to rest and chow down on some Tom Yum Goong noodles.


Elsewhere in the market, we came across more stalls offering food. Some less unusual fried food here with fries, and what looked like battered sausages and seafood in bread crumbs.


These mini fried eggs were quails eggs I think.


A whole bowl of lotus. I've only ever seen lotus in Chinese soup, so I've no idea whether these were raw, preserved, steamed or what.


A fresh produce area sold groceries. Not really what we were after.


This intriguing pot of sticks on wheels actually contained ice lollies. The metal pot contained lots of ice (great for a hot day) and each wooden stick was in its own metal tube. The seller was simply adding coloured juice into each tube and then spinning the metal pot around to swirl the ice.

We discovered elsewhere that this movement - same if you were to spin a canned drink in a pile of ice - is the quickest way to transfer the coldness.


This large bowl of white balls in red liquid looked nice, but unfortunately had no idea what it was. Probably a dessert?


This stall also seemed to sell desserts and preserved foods of some kind.


A stall near the entrance to Chatuchak Market sold strawberries. The clock tower can be seen on the right in the background.


This pile of coloured biscuits looked child-friendly, but we saw these near the pets section so it may have been for animals! More in the Pets section next...


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